monari is a forward-looking, international fashion label for sophisticated and fashion-enthusiastic women with more than 200 employees, 17 stores, 500 stores in stores and an additional 2,200 retail partners in 37 countries. Ready-to-wear outfi ts with that certain something and a talented, ambitious and enthusiastic team have made us what we are today. And we strive for more!

our facts


monari is more than just a fashion label. monari is an attitude. monari is authentic and does not allow itself to be dictated to but likes to develop and reinterpret things: individually and independently. Our team is committed, ambitious, agile, attentive, empathetic and highly dedicated. We are shaping the future of our label with innovative approaches combining heart and mind that fit our mission and are consistent with our concept.


Inspired by a summer in Tuscany, monari was established by Renate and Bernhard Bosch in 1986. Their vision: Conveying exactly that life attitude with a fashion label and a high-quality knitwear collection. In essence, monari has remained faithful to its origins while the portfolio has been continuously expanded – to create complete outfits. Today, the label is being run by owner and Head Designer Anne Böing and Managing Director of Sales Angela Bertrams-Cosse. Two personalities but one team with a clear commitment: Creating high-quality designs and unmistakeable looks and continuing to make the monari label successful.